Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crime Associated With The Casino Industry

Whenever there is a flourishing industry there is crime that comes with it. It happens with banks, government, and even churches which means that there should be no surprise when you find out that there is plenty of crime involved with both internet casinos and brick and mortar ones. The crimes are different but nearly all of them carry the same type of undertones.
Sometimes it is the players that commit the crimes whereas sometimes it is the house itself that is committing the crime. Unlike a lot of other crime, most of the law breaking involved with websites is nonviolent and not as tragic as things like murder, hunger, and other common plights of our society.

When playing at an online gambling site a lot of folks will wonder how on earth they can be the victim of a crime. In actuality, being the victim of a crime is easier than it is when playing at a brick and mortar establishment. The reason is because all of your money is being handled electronically, most of the time with little involvement on your part. For example, you deposit money into PayPal, then that same money is transferred to the internet site you are playing at and is moved around by the online cashier. Since a lot of players do not keep track of their bankroll down to the last penny, there have been instances when websites were stealing from their players. While the thievery may have only been a penny or two at a time (eg. An unnoticeable amount), once a casino steals a few pennies from their hundreds of thousands of players the amount of money which they have stolen really begins to add up.

A gambling house could repeat this same practice day in and day out and while you may not realize that pennies are being taken out of your bankroll, you are slowly losing money while the site that you are loyal to is illegally raking in profit. This is not something that you can stop on your own, but by paying close attention to the amount of cash in your bankroll you will be able to catch the problem before it becomes too big and alert the appropriate authorities. Countless places have been shutdown in the past and have faced major penalties all because they couldn’t simply play by the rules.
Another type of crime is hacking, which involves third party criminals hacking a particular website in order to garner the personal information of any and all the players on the site. The information that these hackers are going after includes bank account and credit card information, but you must also realize that your home address and contact information is also likely at the disposal of these hackers. Once again, there is little you, as a player, can do to thwart hackers because you probably do not even realize that your account has been hacked. The one preventative measure that you can take is to play with a good reputation. A good reputation means that the site is probably hard to hack and therefore your information will be safe. I cannot speak to which sites are easy to hack and which sites are not because I am not a computer hacker. Becoming the victim of a computer hacker via a site is rare, but it has happened before and will probably happen again.
We have briefly gone into the details of how crime happens and just how you can be affected by it, but now we will explain how crime develops in and around actual houses as well.
Anyone with half of a brain will know that a gambling house obviously has stockpiles of money in order to pay players and keep games running, and anywhere there is a pile of money there is a bunch of people who would like to take that money. Throughout history there have been countless stories of people who tried to overrun these places and make away with the cash that they have. Some houseshave been successfully robbed, but most thwart criminals before they are able to get too far.
Nowadays the amount of security, coupled with the full-proof nature of that security, are all most places need in order to prevent people from even thinking about robbing a brick and mortar gambling house.
Card Counting
In the game of blackjack, people have discovered that there is a mathematical procedure you can follow to be able to quite literally “count” the cards in play and be able to determine which card you will get next as well as the cards other players, including the dealer, have currently. Card Counting is not allowed in nearly every place but in order to catch card counters places have to pay incredibly close attention.
For those of you thinking that you may want to try card counting for yourself, think again, because only those gifted with superb mathematical skills will be able to count cards effectively and subtly enough to avoid being discovered. All in all, card counting has paid off huge for those that have succeeded, but has ended up with big penalties for those who have failed…and there are plenty of folks who have failed.
Crime is going to be a part of nearly every industry, that is an inevitability, but being able to understand the type of crime that affects online these places can be your first step in avoiding becoming a victim of such a crime. If you, at any point, think that you may be a victim of an crime you should alert authorities or the website itself. These are no laughing matters, especially because these palces have access to loads of personal information that you would not want to be falling into the hands of people who will take advantage of it.

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